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    SBSTech offers

    Application Development

    Custom web application
    development and maintenance.
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    SBSTech offers

    Computer Support

    Computer, lab, research and instruction support
    for faculty & staff.
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    SBSTech offers

    Digital Signage

    Digital signage services
    for centers & units
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    SBSTech offers


    E-commerce support
    for events & conferences
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    SBSTech offers

    Network & Servers

    Network, Server and
    Infrastructure services
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    SBSTech offers


    Equipment purchasing for college of SBS staff and faculty.
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    SBSTech offers


    Website development
    & support
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    SBSTech offers

    And many more services..

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SBS Alerts
SBS Alert March 19, 2020 SBSTech will be available to help remotely M-F from 8am to 5pm. In-person appointments can be arranged only when absolutely required. Please continue to use TicketDog for all IT requests. If you have trouble submitting a ticket, please call our SBS IT helpdesk at 621-1596 for assistance.
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TicketDog Services
TicketDog is the ticketing system created by the SBSTech Application Development Team and used by SBSTech for its services since 2002. Twenty-two SBSTech support members work within TicketDog every work day. Each job ticket coming from TicketDog, no matter whether it is a computer support, networking, website, media, research, video production, or anything else, will be assigned to a tech who has the best expertise and closest location to you. Our teamwork culture ensures that every job request from you is well taken care of. The problems and issues will be solved quickly. If not, our technicians will route you to the best resources that we know of.